3 Easy Food Swaps You HAVE to Make if You Want to Shred

Chances are, in your myriad battles against your blubber, you’ve deployed several tactics to help whittle-down your waistline in the name of a better six-pack. 

Heavy, full-body moves? Great. Sweat-pouring HIIT? Go you. Smarter, cleaner ingredients? Maybe not so much…

Until now, that is. Deploy these hacks to bust the belly and craft your core.

Do: Snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Don’t: Indulge in crisps, sweets and chocolate at your desk

You don’t have to tell us how hard it is to resist a persistent sweet tooth when you’re on a restrictive diet — believe us, we’ve done it too — but to win the war of the waistline, you’ll want to snack smarter — whether you’re at your desk, on the go or at home. Healthy fats found in almonds and cashews will help you feel satiated for longer and shed abdominal fat, so says a study in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

If you don’t, however, those crisps and chocolate will start making your jeans snugger, your skin murkier and will cause huge spikes in your blood sugar —meaning constant cravings and insulin highs. We’ll pass on the crisps, actually.

Do: Bulk up your meals with carbohydrates like oats, brown rice, quinoa and rye bread

Don’t: Eat white pasta, rice or regular bread 

When you’re training hard — as you should be if a six-pack is in your crosshairs — your muscles will be in regular need of fuel. So, while a low-carb diet has its merits, you just need to make sure you’re eating the right kind.

Ditch the sandwiches in favour of starchy carbohydrates like oats at breakfast and quinoa or brown rice with lunch and dinner. You’ll feel fuller for longer and your muscles will feed off the carbohydrate content to fuel-up on glycogen.

Do: Eat low-fat Greek yoghurt

Don’t: Scoff sugar-laden desserts

In terms of its calorie:protein ratio, low-fat Greek yoghurt takes some beating. Around 200g of the white stuff can pack 15g of muscle-packing protein, making it the perfect pre-gym breakfast or post-gym treat. Top it with a teaspoon of almond butter or Agave nectar for a sweet route to weight-loss.

Chocolate’s benefits are well-documented for both nutrition plan respite and slices of sanity, but it may well be the barrier between you and your abs. Remember, not all calories are made equal — so if your macros are being tracked and if you have room — opt for a smarter choice and enjoy the associated endorphin rush. The chocolate isn’t going anywhere.

Start making these swaps and your abs will be poppin’ in no time!

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